157 – November 2018
European perspectives

Context 157

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JUKKA JOKILEHTO – Concerning heritage

JOHN PENDLEBURY and LOES VELDPAUS – Before and after Brexit

INGVAL MAXWELL – Brexit and UK research into cultural heritage

MICHAEL ASSELMEYER – Conservation in Germany

TANJA VAHTIKARI – Harmonising heritage in the Nordic countries

DARREN BARKER – Skills in partnership

ASTRID SWENSON – Conserving Europeanness

ELENE NEGUSSIE – Visby as a historic urban landscape

IAIN McCAIG – Thatched properties and wood-burning stoves

JANE HOULTON – An extraordinary baroque miniature

BARRY McCORMACK, MITESH PATEL and RADU ENACHE – Opening up at Covent Garden

CLARA WILLETT – Caring for war memorials

LYALL THOW – Royal Academy’s art of reconnection