Context 63 – September 1999


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Finding new uses for redundant churches
Progress on conservation accreditation and qualifications
Hydraulicity in lime mortars
The Old Schoolhouse, Cottown, Perthshire
Supporting Columns – Restoring timber green houses
Alexandra Music Hall, Scarborough
An appropriate carpet – Alderman Fenwick’s House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Assessing the ASCHB
Why we should not endorse proprietary products
Sir Titus – Equal rights
Renovation of unique windows at Clandon Park
Selecting the right stone
Scheduled Monuments
Two design appeal decisions in Poole
Aiud conservation and training foundation project
Concept of significance in the development of our historic cities towns and villages
Ministerial decision update 1995-1999:listed building appeals Part 2
Victorian Enlightenment