134 -May 2014
Timber conservation & repair


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ROBERT DEMAUS Timber conservation and repair
BRIAN RIDOUT Ventilation and timber decay
TOBY MURPHY and IAIN McCAIG Repairing Harmondsworth Barn
MIKE JARVIS and KATE HUDSON-McAULAY The science of replacing historic timber
DAVID McCLIMOND Restoring Mount Stewart’s joinery
REBECCA MILFORD Birdcombe Court’s heart of oak
MATTHEW PRICE Discovering Tayfield bee-house
NATHALIE SORENSEN The movable house
DARREN McLEAN Repairing wooden windows
RICHARD HARRIS, WEN-SHAO CHANG, PETER WALKER and JON SHANKS Research into traditional timber joints
IAN WEIR Timber repairs at Scarisbrick Hall
TONY CALLADINE Assessment for listing
SEÁN O’REILLY From sites and monuments to the historic environment