136 – September 2014
Edinburgh School – The art of conservation


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The Art of Conservation
IHBC Annual School 2014 – Edinburgh
An overview The management of continuity
Digital storytelling at the annual school
Thursday tours
IHBC Day School
Art in conservation: theory and practice
Scoping and sampling: IHBC research notes for annual schools
Art and conservation in architectural design
Steps towards the conservation of Scotland’s best modern building
KEYNOTE ADDRESS Cultural ambitions
Dundee and the art of conservation at a master planning level
Home is where the art is: conserving artists’ studios
Conservation and art of judgment: some legal niceties
‘Touching the intangible’: why intangible cultural heritage is important
Hill House harl: getting under the surface of Mackintosh
Creative financing at Greenlaw
Saturday tours
Tour of Orkney

DAWN McDOWELL Surveying Glenrothes’ town art
FREYA MORRIS Heritage under foot
CAROLYN SHELBOURN Formula business ordinances on Main Street
ANDREW MINTING A vision for historic environment records