Context 87 – November 2004


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LEGAL BRIEFING – Changes to law and procedure: looking ahead
JO DAY – The good, the bad and the just plain different
CATHY PHILO – Local planning for heritage in Victoria
JIM GARD’NER – The National Trust (but not as you know it)
PATRICK MILLER – So why is this place so bloody important?
NONI BOYD – Tracing the Cockatoo connections
DUNCAN ROSS-WATT – Conservation in the South Australian outback
SUSAN BALDERSTONE – Enough energy to get half way to the moon
JENNY CLIMAS and DAVID BANNEAR – Victoria’s goldrush inheritance
LEAH MCKENZIE and FRANCES O’NEILL – A return to the world stage
MEGAN McDOUGALL – Community benefits of heritage funding
RENATE HOWE and DAVID NICHOLS – Melbourne conservation’s radical roots