105 – July 2008
Conserving churches


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Enforcement under ecclesiastical exemption – Ian Serjeant
St Barbara, patron saint of gutters – Peter Aiers
Remembering John Ashurst – The pied piper of conservation
God’s Acre or forlorn boneyard? – Roger Bowdler
Churches in a secular age – Andrew Edwards
English Heritage and places of worship – Diana Evans
Not just organ cases but a case for organs – John Norman
New life for All Souls – Peter Aiers
A voice for historic places of worship – Crispin Truman
Listed farm buildings under threat – Elaine Milton
Inside a broad church – Becky Payne
Prosecution, enforcement and reconstruction – Simon Robertshaw
Hubs of their communities – Sarah Robinson
Conservation areas at risk – Charles Wagner
Is this the final straw? – Alison Henry