162 – November 2019
Learning from New Towns

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Editorial – Learning from new towns

Post-war new towns in Germany – MICHAEL ASSELMEYER

Socialist realism in a post-war Czechoslovak new town – ANDREW McCLELLAND

The complex heritage of French new towns – FRÉDÉRIC THEULÉ, translated by CALLUM WALKER

Saving new town heritage – BOB COLENUTT and SABINE COADY SCHAEBITZ

The return of garden towns and garden villages – KATIE PARSONS

Harlow and its civic society – TONY EVANS

Capturing the significance of a designed city – SIMON PEART


Lewes Neighbourhood Plan: radical and ambitious – MICHAEL SCAMMELL

Controversy at the Commandery and other tales – TEGAN CORNAH, TIM CORNAH, EMILY HATHAWAY and SHEENA PAYNE LUNN

Historic steel-framed windows – SOPHIE GODFRAIND