149 – May 2017
Green Retrofit

Cover of Context 149

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LEGAL BRIEFING – Reconciling infrastructure and heritage

JOHN EDWARDS, guest commissioning editor – The retrofit process

JOHN PRESTON – The government, the industry and green retrofit

JOHN EDWARDS & PETER WARD – Understanding dampness

JO ATKINSON – Thermography for traditional buildings

PETER COX – A world perspective on retrofit

CARSTEN HERMANN – Improving the energy performance of historic buildings and urban areas

COLIN KING – How to deal with retrofit risks

CAROLINE RYE & CAMERON SCOTT – Understanding the performance of solid walls

PAUL SOUTHALL – Energy efficiency for the National Trust

DAVID LAMBERT – The Gardens Trust

DENIS RODWELL – The Romani palaces of Soroca

SUN PEIFANG – Hangzhou’s old and new heritages

CYLLENE GRIFFITHS – A pigsty’s hidden history