‘we had a very good response rate with most people discovering the vacancy through you…. and I am pleased to say we have now appointed someone.’

‘I have filled the position so yes I am very happy’.


‘The ad was absolutely worth it as we received about 4 times more applications than usual and the overall quality was also better. Many candidates actually mentioned seeing the advert on IHBC. We were very pleased with how quick and straight forward it was to advertise…’

logo‘The majority of our applicants and the majority of our shortlisted candidates came to us via you. We’re very pleased with this result.’

logo‘… thank you for putting the advert on so promptly. We did successfully recruit for the position and all the applicants shortlisted for interview came to us from the IHBC advert. We received a good selection of candidates from a wide geographical area.’


‘very pleased with the response from IHBC’ and that from those applying via IHBC Jobs etc they had ‘selected 2 candidates to interview’.


‘Many thanks for your very  prompt and efficient service which ensures that we can get the job out there in the shortest time possible.’ They told us that of a shortlist of 2, 1 was an IHBC Affiliate.


‘really pleased with the calibre of applications we have had and from advertising with you’.

Other advertisers commented:

‘We were very pleased with the range of applications we received from candidates with the right skills and experience. There was a marked increase in the quantity and quality of applications from when we previously advertised this role, not using IHBC.’

‘…we did receive tenders from appropriately qualified and experienced applicants…..I can’t think of any way in which your service could be improved – it was very quick and efficient and provided everything we needed.’