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For guidance and a quote simply email what you have, or what want, to:
Lydia Porter at

Indicative advertisement rates only:
Ask us, or see below for further details

  • Adverts commissioned by non-charity or agency: £450 maximum (+ VAT) 
  • Adverts commissioned by charity etc.: £337 maximum (+ VAT) (@ 25% reduction)
  • Further reductions for heritage specifications and multiple jobs and posts

All rates exclude VAT
Discretionary reductions detailed below

IHBC Jobs etc: Our unique heritage network

The IHBC is the UK’s principal body for building and historic environment conservation staff, practitioners, specialists, managers and leaders from across the UK and beyond.

We host a uniquely diverse heritage network of practitioners and advisers from many specialist backgrounds.

Our cross-sector network reaches heritage staff employees and even volunteers from all disciplines and roles:

  • Architects, planners, engineers, archaeologists, historians, builders, contractors, academics, researchers, academics and many more
  • Heritage crafts and training to construction, trade and technical
  • Professional, project, managerial, leadership, trade, business etc.

Recruiting with the IHBC offers employers, managers and client bodies:

  • Fast, personal, cost-effective access to a complete cross-sector heritage network
  • Maximum reach, profile and comfort for client bodies, charities and businesses
  • Dedicated advice on job advertisements and specification to ensure best value
  • Data feedback on digital circulations as standard.

Our service: Recruitment that adds value

The fast and easy way to recruit the people you need, while adding value to your heritage related work, business, project or operations:

  • Great value, personal ‘all you need’ service to launch your job, role or opportunity across our networks

o   You say what you need, we sort, send and push the advertisement, fast!
o   IHBC’s multi-platform digital service offers unique affordability and reach
o   Our employer-branded promotion enhances your profile and credibility
o   Standard data feedback captures impact and interest.

  • Flexible networks for skills and ‘people’, to suit your needs and priorities:

o   Specialists, technicians, practitioners and managers
o   Skilled, regulated and quality assured headlined as required
o   Full-time, project, part-time, temporary and cover
o   Trainee, apprenticeship and bursaries etc
o   Academic and research; trustees and volunteers.

  • Substantial fee reduction options for select heritage skills and multiple jobs

o   Discretionary reductions make our affordable service unmissable
o   Specify conservation skills for up to 10% off
o   Further reductions for multiple advertisements!

Reach the right people, supported by the right data

  • Dedicated web page advert design with text, logo, and image, live link and attachments at IHBC Jobs etc, up to 6 weeks online
  • Personal emails alerts to c.2600 direct subscribers (IHBC members and non-members)
  • Summary IHBC Jobs etc web page posting with logo (
  • IHBC website homepage direct link to ‘Jobs’ : c.290,000 page visits/month
  • IHBC’s social networks (minimum c.22,000 individual links)
  • Summary feature posts on IHBC’s ‘NewsBlog’ email alerts (c.2400 IHBC members)
  • Feedback on email circulation as standard.

Indicative fees: Making credible staff searches affordable

Value for money for clients, with more reductions on offer:

  • Sample unit rate for 1 job for 1 person, including design, network circulation and feedback:

o    Commissioned by Agency or non-charity: £450 maximum (+ VAT)
o    Commissioned by Charity: £337 maximum (+ VAT) (@ 25% reduction)

  • Includes data feedback service on reach and circulation as standard
  • Additional reductions on request (discretionary)

(All excluding VAT )

Discretionary reductions: Making the affordable unmissable

Additional cumulative reductions of 5% to 10% and more:

  • Free advertisements to select partner organisations

o    IHBC HESPR members: 1 free advert per subscription year.

  • Rate reductions for skills specifications:

o    10% reduction if an advert cites ‘conservation’ skills, accreditation or equivalent as desirable or required

§  For example specifying built and/or historic environment conservation skills or accreditation or equivalent, as required or desirable* (including suitable conservation accreditation schemes from IHBC, RIBA, AABC, RICS, CARE, CIAT etc.; See below for details)

o    5% reduction when an advert cites ‘heritage’ skills or accreditation or equivalent, as desirable or required

§  For example specifying heritage-related skills or accreditation or equivalent, as required or desirable** (including suitable heritage-related accreditation schemes from CIfA, ICON/PACR etc.); See below for details)

  • Multiple staff appointments (concurrent advertisements):

o    More than 1 person, different (mandatory) or same (optional) specifications

§  Multiple advertisements: 25% reduction on each additional advert

o    More than 1 person, same specifications:

§  Single advert option: 25% supplement for each extra post

  • Annual ‘basket’ of posts by calendar year (for large employers):

o    Negotiable by agreement: e.g. Annual 8 advertisement commitment secures 10 adverts (Contact Lydia Porter at

(All excluding VAT )

* Qualifying ‘Built and/or historic environment conservation accreditation’ programmes are determined by compliance with ICOMOS ‘Guidelines on Education and Training in… Conservation…’ (1993) – see IHBC ToolboxResearch by COTAC in 2017 lists these as conservation accreditation offered by:

  • Also included for ICOMOS compliance: CIOB Accreditation

**  Qualifying ‘heritage-related accreditation’ programmes, accepted for 5% reduction, that lie outside compliance with ICOMOS ‘Guidelines on Education and Training in… Conservation…’ (1993) – see IHBC Toolbox.  Research by COTAC in 2017 lists these as accreditation offered by:

  • ICON (PACR); CIfA;
  • Also included: Trade and related skills accreditations and certifications.

How to Advertise

Email Lydia Porter at with:

  • Finalised text for the advert in a formatted Word document which includes a link to the advert on your own website, the closing date and where relevant stating which accreditations are ‘required’ or ‘desirable’
  • Your logo
  • Job description and person specification documents or direct link
  • A purchase order number or reference for invoicing.

Terms etc

  • Please check your text  as any changes after publication will incur a charge of £50 (+ VAT)

o    Text is formatted to fit the relevant platform
o    Advertisements remain on the website until the closing date or, if none is specified, for a maximum of 6 weeks.


This service is provided by IHBC Enterprises Ltd.

IHBC Enterprises Ltd is registered for VAT and this will be applied to invoices at the current rate.

All purchase orders and payments must be made out to IHBC Enterprises Ltd, Jubilee House, High Street, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6HA.

If your organisation does not have IHBC Enterprises Ltd set up as a supplier please email the relevant forms to

All payments must be made within 30 days of the date on your invoice which will be emailed to you. We accept payment by Credit Card BACS transfer or cheque.

For advertisement enquiries or information regarding the IHBC please contact Lydia Porter, IHBC Enterprises Ltd, or telephone 01747 873133.

HESPR companies are entitled to one free posting per year, to check if your organisation is part of the scheme see

Additional support from the IHBC

Advertisements & inserts may also be placed in the IHBC journal, Context. For details please contact Cathedral Communications, publishers both of Context and the IHBC Yearbook, on 01747 871717

IHBC Enterprises Ltd can provide you with access to the c.3000 subscribers (IHBC Members and non members) who are signed up for our ‘Communications’ package for only £400 plus VAT

Simply provide us with the details and we will design an individual email for you to include logos, images, live links and much more.

For details and to book your advert please contact Lydia Porter, IHBC Enterprises Ltd at, or telephone 01747 873133.