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HESPR flyerConnecting client needs and heritage expertise

HESPR is the UK-wide listing of quality-assured conservation business and services that work to the standards expected by the IHBC, the UK’s lead body for built and historic environment conservation practitioners (www.ihbc.org.uk) 

Benefits from HESPR

The IHBC's HESPR service connects clients with authoritative conservation businesses and their expert advice.

As a client, using HESPR you can easily explore the best of conservation businesses and advice to get your job done properly: efficiently, effectively and sustainably.  As a private owner, whatever your size or interests, you can use HESPR businesses to find our more the best way to get your work done.

Specialist expertise in HESPR businesses ranges from taking leading roles in the sensitive care and repair of traditional buildings, to survey, research, guidance and advice on the finest listed properties, as well as to planning, architectural and engineering advice, guidance and work on new buildings in sensitive or historic areas.  Many also offer educational and skills-related services.

Speak to the HESPR company that best suits your needs, explain what you want, and they will advise on how best to progress.


Finding services

The IHBC's HESPR service helps anyone find a conservation business that best fits their needs AND works to the IHBC's conservation standards.

Owners who need conservation services or advice can look to HESPR companies to offer conservation services.

HESPR companies can offer a wide range of conservation-related services, from new design in historic areas, to sector research or guidance on public interest and communication.

HESPR listings are for anyone who needs, or wants to offer:

  • Conservation advice, to help understand, manage and care for places and properties of all types and ages
  • Conservation services, to lead on changes to older or historic areas and fabric
  • Specialist conservation knowledge, learning and skills within larger work or commercial programmes, such as in development or property management teams, educational services or other mainstream operations.

Ensuring quality

HESPR businesses protect their standards through having a lead professional working in line with the IHBC’s service expectations.  You can find that lead professional - the 'Designated Service Adviser' (DSA) - listed on their HESPR web page.

The DSA should be the first 'port of call' for any concerns over work carried out by a HESPR company. 

Find out More

To find out more see our 'Find Services' or explore our 'Join HESPR' pages.

The web based searchable service provides each recognised company with an individual entry with full contact details and links to the companies own website.

The IHBC website receives around 250,000 page visits each month and the most popular pages on the site exceed 25,000 each month. Many of these visits are from members of the public seeking conservation advice and enquiries fed into the site are often looking for conservation services.

The list of HESPR companies will be published annually in the IHBC Yearbook.

Local authorities and conservation bodies are likely to refer enquiries to the HESPR.

IHBC will direct those seeking specialist service providers to the HESPR.

- See more at: http://www.ihbc.org.uk/hespr/#section3

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