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Damp, timber decay & sustainability

9.45 am Friday 19 March 2021
The Guildhall, Bath

Damp is a key factor in almost all forms of decay, and damp fabric increases heat loss. However, identifying its cause can be complicated as moisture is so mobile. It can condense from humid air on to cold surfaces and it can spread through a structure by capillary action and gravity. Understanding these mechanisms and their consequences is vital, particularly now that we are increasing insulation levels in historic buildings and restricting the movement of air. Getting this stuff wrong can be disastrous.

£55 for members
£65 for non-members
(Lunch and refreshments)


This conference will include:

  • Latest research from Historic England in this field
  • The effects of environment on historic timber, joinery and finely carved and decorated woodwork
  • Mechanisms for controlling interior environment
  • Sustainability issues
  • Best practice for survey, investigation and treatment

This is one of two events organised by the IHBC’s South West branch with the support of Historic England. The first, to be held online in October 2020, will focus on masonry structures.

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