IHBC Yorkshire Branch: Harrogate LP Show success

IHBC Stand

The IHBC’s Yorkshire Branch has successfully concluded its lead on a highly successful IHBC stand at the Harrogate International Centre Listed Property (LP) Show last weekend, with local volunteers and IHBC’s LETS Liaison Officer Kate Kendall working together to create and manage the stand as well as greet and advise delegates.

David Blackburn, IHBC trustee and Yorkshire Branch representative on Council, said: ‘IHBC volunteers attended the recent Listed Property Show in Harrogate, a first for the Listed Building Property Owners Club in having a Northern event, and a first outing for new IHBC banners and leaflet stands, all of which gave us a thoroughly impressive display.’

‘Our expectation of mostly property enquiries didn’t transpire mainly because the ‘Helpdesk‘ – manned by other local IHBC volunteers – successfully took the technical questions.  For private owners of property our main enquiry was ‘who are you?’ which we satisfied by alerting them to the benefits of seeking advice from a professionally qualified conservation specialist.  The stand also attracted a number of potential IHBC members, and here we adapted to become a recruitment stand. We were also able to promote IHBC to some of the commercial organisations present. Another successful new venture for IHBC.’

Kate Kendall, IHBC’s ‘LETS’ Liaison officer responsible for IHBC Branch support in Learning, Education, Training and Standards, said: ‘The Listed Property Show in Harrogate was a great opportunity for IHBC to spread the word to a range of delegates, both the general public and colleagues within the sector.’

‘Our key message was to inform people of the services that IHBC members can offer, both as specialist practitioners and through the IHBC’s listing of IHBC-recognised commercial conservation practices that operates under the our HESPR title.  Many practicing IHBC members are listed on our web-based database, and these, together with our HESPR listing, are great places for owners of historic, traditional and listed properties to find the right professionals and for professionals to connect with prospective clients.’ 

IHBC’s Projects Officer Fiona Newton said: ‘If you have a heritage business but are still not part of the IHBC’s HESPR scheme, you are missing out on the regular promotional benefits that it brings, the access to tender opportunities and most of all in this exhibition season our special promotion direct to potential clients.’

Select database listing of IHBC accredited practitioners

For HESPR see:  hespr.ihbc.org.uk

Listed Property Show

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