Future of EH’s HELM: Update

The Historic Environment Local Management capacity building programme is to be integrated in the work of Historic England.

EH writes:
HELM is a capacity building programme, established in 2004 to strengthen English Heritages role as a supporter and enabler of local authorities.  It originally comprised – website, newsletter, guidance, case studies and training.

The main aim of HELM to meet the needs of local authorities and related audiences will be an important part of what Historic England will do, so HELM will be integrated into the work of the new body for April 2015.

  • A final edition of the EH-HELM newsletter was sent out in December and will be replaced by the Historic England digital newsletter.
  • Historic England and its partners will still offer a bespoke free HELM training programme on a range of historic environment topics, as an important part of our support for local authority staff. We will continue to call it the HELM training programme, as the name of this training programme is established and recognised by this audience.
  • The HELM website will be closed and relevant content integrated into the new Historic England website.
  • All guidance is being rebranded and will be available from the Historic England website as part of Historic England’s advice and guidance.

HELM news 

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