Art, Conservation, Edinburgh, 2014, EH, HS, CgMS: ‘School’ – Join in our ‘once in a lifetime’ experience: in person & on line.  And if you’ve the time: ‘Flipboard’ it!

This is a reminder about some of the new ways that you will be able to join in our 2014 Annual School, whether you’re in attendance as a delegate at this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event, or if you’re exploring its progress through our linked social and digital online networks, including a ‘Flipboard’ magazine by IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly that offers a light ‘taster’ of the entire School programme!

Two new initiatives in particular ensure that the 2014 School is one of the most inclusive conservation education experiences yet, as Alison McCandlish, our NewsBlog author and consultant, and Dr Deborah Mays, co-ordinator of the Annual School issue of our members’ journal ‘Context’, guide delegates and colleagues on the School’s progress and its plans to maximise learning opportunities for everyone.

Supporting our digital networks, Alison will be on hand throughout the School to make sure that as many as possible are blogging and digitally networking into the School ‘experience’.  Alison will make sure that anyone can contribute to the thinking and learning around this year’s themes.  Indeed we’ll take questions from twitter just as happily as from the floor!

Alison will also be joining in the ‘Orkney Opportunity’, our most exclusive ‘freebie’ for School delegates, courtesy of Orkney Islands Council and our members there, so anyone can track progress there from her reports, and even maybe plan what to do when they do make that obligatory visit to these remarkable islands.

And to extend the School’s collective brain-power into the most practical of educational resources for practitioners, Dr Deborah Mays will use her slot in the Day School to explain how we’re using the event to help guide the IHBC’s new ‘Research Notes’ initiative, headed by Bob Kindred.  One thread of our future ‘Research Notes’ planning will be to capture research interests and priorities highlighted by the School, complementing the School’s issue of ‘Context’ as well building on the support it already offers our members and colleagues.

As part of this work, Deborah will introduce a draft ‘Research Note’ as a sample inspired by the School’s theme and the IHBC-branded BS 7913, highlighting links to current practice.  Also she will offer signposts to potential lines of research that have sprung up in Branch and national committee discussions around the themes of ‘art’ and ‘conservation’.  Finally, she’ll be asking delegates, contributors and digital followers to help shape the content of future School-linked IHBC Research Notes, and so delve into the crowd-sourcing opportunities that our digitally-enabled Schools of the future will offer.

So please do join the IHBC, our delegates, sponsors, supporters and friends, ideally in person if you can, but also online, a route open to everyone with a few moments to spare in this first week of June.

Newsblog on BS 7913

For an introduction to School’s social media strategy

Orkney Opportunity

Book here

Research Notes background  and for initial examples

For Flipboard see and follow the links

To sign in and join up on desktop it may be easiest to go to

To find the 2014 School magazine on Flipboard search under ‘Sean O’Reilly’ or ‘IHBC School 2014’.

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