IHBC’s BS 7913 – extra tax relief savings @ 20% to 45%

IHBC members in the private sector are reminded that the IHBC-branded manuals of British Standard BS 7913, ‘Guide to the conservation of Historic Buildings’, which are already available at 20% off list price for sale and collection at the 2014 School on 6 June, can benefit from further tax relief savings of 20% to 45% as its purchase is a cost incurred for the purpose of your trade!

Members hoping to avail of this additional tax relief may want to speak to financial advisers.  In principle, 20% or more relief should be available to companies that are subject to corporation tax, while income tax relief should be available at members’ marginal rate (20% to 45%).

For the special offer on the IHBC-branded BS 7913 for collection or posting

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