IHBC a BSI distributor: includes BS 7913 @ 20% (& more) off list price

BSI Distributor

The IHBC has been appointed as a distributor with the British Standards Institute (BSI) and is now able to distribute BSI publications, notably the ‘Conservation’ British Standard, BS 7913, which is current available to IHBC members in a co-branded, laminated and wire-bound manual of about 50 pages at 20% off the list price, and, to save postage, also available for collection at the IHBC’s 2014 School on 6 June in Edinburgh.

IHBC members should also note that as BS 7913 is used for the purposes of your trade, many practitioner members can claim tax relief on purchase costs at rates ranging from 20% to 40% of costs depending on your business structures and income.

further details of the offer…

BSI website at http://www.bsigroup.co.uk

See BS 7913 

To order: Simply send invoice details for the purchase price of £112 to the IHBC at contact@ihbc.org.uk, noting also your IHBC membership number and if you will pick it up at the IHBC’s School to avoid postal charges.  Please allow 8 weeks for deliver.

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