Early notice: New IHBC post planned to help training, national and local

The IHBC is delighted to announce plans for investing in an entirely new training and support post, a ‘LETS’ Liaison Officer – where ‘LETS’ covers ‘Learning, Education, Training & Standards’ – whose remit will be to help IHBC volunteers deliver events, activities and partnership activities across our UK-wide operations.

IHBC Chair Mike Brown said: ‘This post represents a critical investment in the IHBC’s future.  In recent years we’ve had the most careful stewardship of our resources, notably under my immediate predecessors Jo Evans, Dave Chetwyn and John Yates.  Following that success, I’m delighted that we’re now able to plan for a new staff member to help us deliver, guide and partner in educational activities ‘on the ground’ across the UK.’

‘This post is a structural investment in our future, helping Affiliates as they progress to Full Membership under what we are calling our ‘Stepping Stones’ programme.  But it will also underpin cost-effective CPD events and partnerships so that we can continue our work in developing conservation practice, standards and recognition within and alongside the larger and more mainstream industries and sectors’.

IHBC Education Secretary David McDonald said: ‘We’re taking a long-term view on this appointment.  The new officer must be prepared to grow with our organisation, and be able to offer the best possible help and support to our volunteer networks, both as ‘guide’ and as ‘gopher’.  That way our Branches, volunteers and partners can deliver even more where it really counts: in practice, locally, and by supporting low-cost, effective and efficient learning and support for career progress and standards in conservation.’

DETAILS: The IHBC ‘Learning, Education, Training & Standards’ (LETS) Liaison Officer post will be advertised in the coming weeks, with a salary starting in the range of £18,000-£22,000, though with more for an exceptionally suitable candidate.  Please monitor IHBC information networks and pass on this early notice to prospective candidates and interests.

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