IHBC Skills School update: AGM motion targets support for IHBC professionals of the future – ‘Affiliates’

As well as populating the institute’s senior tiers with some relatively new faces, including IHBC Chair Mike Brown; Vice Chair Emilia Hands and new Policy Secretary David Kincaid, the IHBC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 21 June delivered a step-change in focus with a motion from the now past-Chair Jo Evans calling on the IHBC to ‘provide integrated and structured support for IHBC Affiliates to progress to full professional membership… to help address the reduced capacity and skills in local authorities to support training, education and career progress for future conservation professionals.’

The motion was passed unanimously and received with considerable satisfaction by individual members on the floor.

In discussion, particular reference was made to the IHBC’s ongoing Branch events programmes that encourage Affiliates to apply and guides them through the process. Details of these, with supporting resources, will be posted on the IHBC’s website as part of the executive’s initial response to the motion.

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