IHBC SW Branch conference: ‘Characterisation…’ on 20 Sept, with added ‘CIRCUS’

SWCC2013 St Pauls and Circomedia

The IHBC’s South West (SW) Branch has announced the details of its forthcoming conference in Bristol on 20 September, at the stunning listed circus-training venue Circomedia, an event that will tie in with the institute’s national annual ‘peripatetic meeting’ of our Council and take as it’s theme ‘Characterisation… Making sense of place’.

James Webb, SW Branch Trustee, writes:
IHBC’s South West Branch is delighted to invite you to our September, conference ‘Characterisation…Making sense of place’ which will take place on 20 September at Circomedia: St Pauls, a Grade I listed church in the heart of Bristol converted to a circus training school.

This one-day conference will provide an overview of projects that reflect how characterisation may be used to develop policy and guidance on the management of the historic environment. In particular it will look to use the cities and towns of the south-west region to showcase projects that are leading to a better understanding of sensitive places.

The concept of an all-encompassing methodology for understanding place has been around for a long time but was not given a name until relatively recently – ‘characterisation’. This conference seeks to build on the valuable work done to date and answer critical questions: ‘What are its practical applications?’ and ‘How it has helped inform development in sensitive areas’.

Lunch will be provided and the day will include performances by resident artists of the circus school.

This event will be of value to all public and private sector practitioners who are involved in taking decisions within and shaping the historic environment.

Fees start at £38, including the £10 reduction for IHBC members, while for details, full costs and further information and booking see swcc2013.ihbc.org.uk

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