IHBC says: ‘VAT priorities Chancellor! You’ve saved the CoE, pasties, caravans & charities. What about our buildings?’

Following the success of an energetic campaign by ‘pasty’ sellers led by Greggs, and equally successful lobbying by the Church of England in getting the new VAT levies reimbursed, as well as a reversal on the charity tax, pressure must be kept up to make sure that the coalition’s £125m annual VAT raid on listed buildings will also be the subject of a common-sense U-turn.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘As the Chancellor admits that government needs to focus on big issues like ‘the worsening eurozone crisis and Britain’s deficit, and not get distracted with unnecessary arguments’, surely this is the time for him to see sense on the heritage VAT raid, recognise the damage it will have across the UK’s social and economic interests, and reverse the plan!’

‘The IHBC and our wide-ranging partners in the Cut the VAT campaign have made substantial progress in raising the profile of the damage to be caused by the VAT raid on historic buildings. Highlighting threats to plans by owners to care for their buildings – from universities that are dogged by ever reducing building funds, to private clients, trying both to obey the law and serve a public interest despite the harshest economic climate in recent history – IHBC members across the UK have been lobbying their MPs with letters and campaigns to help draw political attention to the damage the proposals will cause.’

‘We want to encourage our members to continue their efforts to raise the profile of this hugely damaging heritage tax raid, to lobby MPs locally, and to keep the IHBC informed of their efforts’.

Summary update
The ‘Cut the Vat’ Campaign, hosted by the Federation of Master Builders, is continuing to put pressure though direct lobbying. The Heritage Alliance has added more letters from Loyd Grossman, both to the Chancellor and to the Times, as well as a third briefing for MPs. The RTPI, not (yet) a member of the Cut the Vat campaign has submitted a characteristically succinct response to the proposed heritage raid.

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