IHBC ‘Virtual MATEs’: IHBC’s digital membership application support pilot 13/05, pm– limited places available

IHBC’s celebrated MATE sessions are evolving as online experiences in addition to our popular ‘in vivo’ programme, so if you want to join in the pilot, while also getting guidance on your membership application form, top-notch CPD AND kudos for helping out the IHBC, contact our Professional Development Officer Ramona Usher and book your ‘Virtual MATE’ place for Wednesday, 13 May, from 2.30-4.30, but remember you have to do some small prep first to!

Ramona Usher writes:

We at the IHBC are very aware of the human toll of Covid-19. Amongst all the tragedy we are trying to make the best of this horrific situation, and look for opportunities. Many of our colleagues across the planning, construction and heritage industries have found themselves furloughed, a strange weighty word loaded with so many connotations.  Indeed, when a long-term affiliate member of the IHBC, I joked that I would need to lock myself in a dark room for a week to complete my application.

Now, for better or for worse, many colleagues have found themselves in that situation, with time on their hands.

So I encourage you to dust off your Full and Association membership application forms, and join us for a ‘Virtual MATE’ session: an IHBC Membership Application Training Event (MATE).

Details and instructions are below, while, to help set the context of career development in real-life, my personal route to Full IHBC membership accreditation is also appended

Guide and instructions

  • A pilot ‘Virtual’ MATE’ will be held on Wednesday 13 May, 14.30-16.30, hosted by myself and Sean O’Reilly.
  • There are a few places left, so please get in touch with me urgently if you are interested. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

The format of the Virtual’ MATE is similar to the familiar ‘in person’ MATE, but as an online event, it requires more focussed preparation and more substantial protocols in the proceedings.  As this is an evolving model, we are conscious the service may need some improvement, and feedback from delegates will be an important part of that development process.

ALSO, at least one day in advance of the event, you MUST submit to the IHBC lead (in this case, Ramona):

  • A brief CV or a link to your professional online profile – one with a picture – such as a Linkedin profile
    • This is needed so that we can recognise you in the discussions, and pitch the discussions to reflect delegates’ core skills and learning needs
  • The equivalent of an A4 summary – ideally of, or including visuals representing one example of work that you may use in your application. The work should reflect a significant part of any of the four ‘Areas Of Competence’, or their underpinning competences, as described in the application forms or online.
    • This is required so you are prepared to speak to relevant aspects of the case to MATE session attendees, exploring how it might represent your conservation skills, knowledge, and/or experience (the ‘competence surgery’) on the context of your application.


  • All discussions should be treated with the confidential respect we require under our Code of Conduct
  • All online discussions are ‘without prejudice’ to any future application
  • Numbers are strictly limited, and priority will be given to applicant profiles that help address development issues in our new ‘Virtual’ format
  • Not all work examples by delegates will be reviewed, though as in our familiar in vivoMATE sessions, all delegates will be encouraged to raise issues specific to their experience and application
  • Only IHBC leads (including technical support) and event delegates participate in online MATE sessions
  • A good internet connection is required, while other technical issues will be addressed as part of the event planning
  • All preparation and event hours qualify as IHBC CPD hours

To request your place, please email Ramona Usher  at professional@ihbc.org.uk, with your CV (or online equivalent) and a summary A4 equivalent on an example of your work that MIGHT be used in your application, as described above, as well as an indication of whether you would like to attend as an individual or in association with others in a specific organisation.

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