IHBC’s COVID-19 furlough update on your comms: Update your NewsBlog email alert contacts etc.

If you are on furlough, or similarly detached from your usual network, office or working environment, be sure to keep your most important specialist network up to date by getting the IHBC’s NewsBlogs email alerts sent where they are of most use to you.

  • You can easily change your NewsBlog email address by adjusting your email subscription details, linked from your NewsBlog email alerts – (click on ‘update your contact details’ but please don’t ask the IHBC office to do it: we’re not allowed)
  • Under the pandemic circumstances, if you need, you can also add your home or other email address as a (temporary) subscription: just sign up

Remember too, that you (and your colleagues) can also keep an eye on most IHBC news for free, not only by regularly checking our NewsBlog home page, but also by:

And if you are behind, don’t forget to check out our recent NewsBlogs, including:

Sign up for a free NewsBlog trial at https://eepurl.com/gcZxT

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