IHBC’s new ‘CPD Circular’ now out: Supporting relevant and accessible CPD from the IHBC, Recognised CPD Providers, partners and more!

The IHBC has issued its current ‘CPD Circular’, with its distinctive lockdown-compliant support and content, offering the usual consolidated access to the best of the IHBC’s own Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as opportunities from ‘IHBC Recognised CPD Providers’ and other conservation CPD priority events.

image: IHBC’s inhouse CPD logo

The IHBC writes:

As the nation continues to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic (with cross-sector, current updates on our NewsBlogs) most scheduled courses and events continue to be postponed or cancelled, while some are waiting to see if they can go forward as planned later this summer.  Some are managing to be delivered virtually which are highlighted in our CPD Circular linked below.

Although we do our best to update with any new dates or virtual delivery details, be sure to check with the source organisers for confirmation as things are apt to change quickly.  We have also highlighted pre-recorded seminars, lectures, and short-courses which can be accessed virtually at any time.

Use your time at home to complete your CPD with online resources such as:

Finally you can use this time to advance your IHBC membership, whether by joining up or tackling your application.

See the IHBC’s CPD Circular HERE

See more accreditation support opportunities from on our ‘Virtual MATEs

Book for the IHBC Virtual School with places from £15 +VAT

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