IHBC’s COVID-19 signpost 50: HE’s contacts update

logoHistoric England (HE) has helpfully offered updates on office arrangements under the lockdown.

HE writes:

In this challenging and difficult time, we are committed to continuing to provide our services and support to everyone as best we can. We are also working closely with heritage sector organisations to ensure that we all offer support for any queries you may have or practical issues that need to be addressed.

Following the latest advice from Government in relation to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have closed all our sites and offices until further notice.

Our staff are working from home and we will continue to provide advice and process grant payments as usual. We are doing what we can to maintain our level of response to planning and listing applications and general enquiries, but please do bear with us if responses are a little slower than usual.

Our local teams remain the best first point of call so if you need to contact us, please email your region as normal:

  • northwest@HistoricEngland.org.uk
  • northeast@HistoricEngland.org.uk
  • yorkshire@HistoricEngland.org.uk
  • midlands@HistoricEngland.org.uk
  • eastofengland@HistoricEngland.org.uk
  • southwest@HistoricEngland.org.uk
  • londonseast@HistoricEngland.org.uk

For further information, advices, and updates on current Historic England services, please refer to our website.

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