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IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘It can be comfortable just talking to ourselves about what we think the world’s problems are, and will be, in light of the current crisis.’

‘But you can only really shape the agenda alongside your friends, colleagues and networks outside heritage.

‘So be sure to extend our reach and let people know about our low-cost agenda-shaping CPD experience: IHBC’s 2020 Virtual School ‘OLD TOWNS | NEW FUTURES’…  from a Global Pandemic on 19 June, with morning and afternoon sessions from only £15+VAT!

‘If you have time too, you can adapt the templates below to give a personal dimension to your agenda’!

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Join in @IHBCTweet #IHBCVirtualSchool2020 ‘OLD TOWNS | NEW FUTURES’… from a Global Pandemic’ – 19 June. Online, assorted  expert talks, Q&A, polls, morning / afternoon options from £15+VAT. Certified IHBC CPD.

  • For heritage and community networks etc:

‘OLD TOWNS | NEW FUTURES’, Heritage Reflections & Speculations from a Global Pandemic, 19 June, options from just £15+VAT #IHBCVirtualSchool2020 @IHBCTweet

Want to help your heritage places, during and after pandemic impacts?  Join ‘virtual’ online accessible explorations of urban places and heritage planning seen from the pandemic: 19 June 2020, with expertise from across heritage economics, government, environment, community etc.; Q&A, polls. Morning and afternoon options from just £15+VAT

  • Across specialist groups/publications:

‘OLD TOWNS | NEW FUTURES’…  from a Global Pandemic, IHBC, 19 June @IHBCTweet #IHBCVirtualSchool2020

Join in current specialist takes on urban challenges from the global pandemic, with lead international experts on topics from environment and economics to community and urbanism, including Carl Elefante, 94th President, American Institute of Architects; Cliff Hague, RTPI Past President; Carol Souter, former HLF CE, now Oxford; Prof Plácido González Martínez, Tongji University Shanghai, and more.  Check out IHBC’s ‘Virtual’ conference, 19 June, with wide-ranging expert talks, Q&A, polls, morning / afternoon options from only £15+VAT. Certified IHBC CPD.

The IHBC writes:

We can’t yet know how the current pandemic will re-shape urban areas, their surrounding communities, or supporting economics and infrastructure. But we can reflect on our recent approaches, and use these to speculate on – and shape – the most effective and sustainable responses.

The IHBC’s 2020 Virtual School brings together leading authorities and players from across the globe to address how our places should be managed and supported during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers and delegates will establish and confront the diverse challenges by looking ahead to inspire and explore how we can secure sustainable places in a new collective of local communities tied together by a global crisis.

Join us to reflect first on where we were, so we can speculate on where we might be heading.

So go online, on 19 June, as the IHBC’s 2020 Virtual School explores the topic of ‘OLD TOWNS | NEW FUTURES’, through both reflections on where we are, and speculations on where we might be heading.

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