IHBC’s HESPR ‘Special Interest Sector News’ pick of the week, from REA, on 50 years of Earth Day

logoThe IHBC’s heritage business register HESPR – our Historic Environment Service Providers Recognition quality assurance scheme for heritage services working to the IHBC’s standards – emails members weekly ‘News and Tender Alerts that include notices gleaned from across the development sector’s publications, and this week features insights to ‘50 Years of Earth Day’.

Nina Skorupska, chief executive of the REA source, writes:

The 22nd April will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth day. With everything going on at the moment, it’s hard to even contemplate the word celebration; but at times like this, it is important to rally around the positives and our progress on climate change definitely qualifies for that. I, like many others, usually lead a very busy working life going from event to event, one policy to another and always keeping my eye on what the next steps are to get us where we need to be. Being hunkered down here in lockdown I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on the past few years and really take stock of just how far we’ve actually come as a collective.

Firstly, renewable electricity generation has been growing year on year and 2019 was no different.…  Only just a few months into 2020 and renewables have already broken another record; Q1 marked the first time in history that renewables were the UK’s main power source.

Secondly, in June of last year the UK became the first nation in the world to declare that it will become Net Zero by 2050….

Thirdly, climate consciousness has well and truly seeped into the mainstream…

With all the work going on now and the most environmentally friendly generations soon to have our futures in their hands, I can’t help but feel hopeful.

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