Second preview of IHBC’s Brighton Day School, 19 June: ‘Economics’ insights, from Paul McTernan (SLR, regeneration economics) and Adala Leeson (HE, funding economics)… & even more Spotlights

IHBC’s 2020 Brighton School conference, ‘OLD TOWNS : NEW FUTURES’ sponsored by HESPR member Heritage Collective, explores the challenging topic of our towns and urban centres, with the Day School’s ‘Economics’ theme led by SLR consultancy’s Paul McTernan, offering a private sector adviser’s take on local government regeneration economics, and Historic England’s (HE) Adala Leeson, on funding economics in bidding etc., all supplemented by the IHBC’s Spotlight launch of a new IHBC ToolBox Note.

‘Economics’ session speakers:

  • Paul McTernan is Technical Director at SLR Consulting and an urban regeneration specialist with UK-wide experience, and will explore ‘Financial and economic considerations in public sector regeneration – Advice from an adviser’
  • Adala Leeson is Head of Socio-Economic Analysis and Evaluation at Historic England, experienced in working with government, funders and partners in heritage economics, and will examine ‘Economic evaluation in projects, bidding and assessment’, including ‘… Creating the evidence base for a business case, looking to the UK Treasury’s model’.

This second morning session will conclude with one of the most important parts of the IHBC’s contemporary Day Schools, the ‘IHBC Spotlight’.  IHBC’s School ‘Spotlights’ add a uniquely current dimension to the CPD support for School delegates, and so may change in response to the most urgent issues.  For this session the ‘Spotlight’ will likely feature the launch of a new IHBC ToolBox publication, a Guidance Note provisionally titled ‘Funding support’.

IHBC’s Brighton 2020 writes:

Billions of pounds are being invested today to support towns – old and new – as well as their surrounding regions.  Most of that money comes from the UK’s cultural, business and community purses, but often is tied to separate, even contradictory outcomes.

At the same time core heritage funds are more constrained than ever, and the pressures on our making locally valued places sustainable can put those places most at risk.

What can be done by those who care, shape and advise on such places to make our towns succeed in the future?

The IHBC’s 2020 Brighton School and conference takes a timely and forensic look at how the planning, heritage and related sectors can make the most of the opportunities on offer, help players learn from colleagues and others, and broaden understanding of the drivers, barriers and responses.

This unique learning opportunity from the IHBC – in Brighton, from 18-20

June 2020 – will ensure that practitioners can uncover new solutions to some surprisingly historic challenges.

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