HE’s New ‘Technical Conservation Guidance’ brochure: Lists free-to-download guidance and reports

Historic England’s (HE) new ‘Technical Conservation Guidance’ brochure lists all current free-to-download technical conservation guidance and research reports, and also includes information on our series of Practical Building Conservation books and guides on building stone types.

Historic England writes:

This brochure will help you find  publications and web pages on topics such as:

  • Repairing timber and metal windows
  • Repointing brick and stone walls
  • Improving energy efficiency in historic homes
  • Insulating roofs, walls, draughty chimneys, floors
  • Installing renewable energy systems such as heat pumps
  • Inspecting and maintaining fibrous plaster ceilings
  • Finding suitable replacement stone for building repairs
  • Converting farm buildings
  • Finding wall paintings
  • Preparing for and recovering from flooding
  • Planning for emergencies like fire
  • Conserving war memorials
  • Looking after parks and gardens
  • Managing wildlife and habitats

The brochure also shows the links between our guidance and our research work underpinning our advice. The November 2019 edition includes new advice on:

  • Lightning protection for historic buildings
  • Fire fighting in thatched buildings
  • Church roof replacement using terne-coated stainless steel
  • The conservation of fibrous plaster

It also includes new reports on:

  • Research on environmental deterioration of stained glass
  • Our nine-year research project into the role of soft capping for ruins
  • A pilot study on mapping pests and disease to trees in historic parks and gardens
  • A catalogue of Capability Brown’s architectural drawings and sketches
  • Technical Conservation Guidance and Research brochure

Technical Conservation Guidance and Research brochure

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