IHBC Brighton 2020’s Day School ‘sneak preview’: Keynotes, themes, IHBC Spotlights, sponsors and more, to help you prep funding and bursary applications!

The IHBC’s June 2020 Brighton School conference, themed on ‘OLD TOWNS : NEW FUTURES’ and sponsored by HESPR member Heritage Collective, will explore one of the most challenging and exciting topics today, the current state and future prospects for our towns and urban centres, and NewsBlog readers are offered an early preview of the Day School, on 19 June, to help kickstart any funding or bursary applications.

Duncan Philips, Chair of the IHBC South East Branch, host of the 2020 School, said: ‘Our Branch School committee has been working very hard at getting the evolving programme just right, and everyone here is looking forward to offering some of the best conservation learning, CPD and experience on offer in 2020!’

IHBC’s Brighton 2020 School ‘sneak preview’ (NB: All subject to change!):

Keynote Speakers:

  • Challenges and visions for towns and urban areas – ‘Making space for everyone’
  • Case study in urban revival: Urban regeneration from the continent…. leadership and strategy in local government, inspired by UK ingenuity

Outline themes and topics:

  • Evolution
    • Urban areas and their environs: Local and global perspectives, from a planning practice
    • Case study: Current issues and advocacy in reviving historic towns
  • Economy
    • Urban regeneration and economics, from the private sector, with a UK perspective
    • Economics of funding: Principles, processes and opportunities
  • Experience
    • Local case studies and exemplars
    • ‘Experience’: Issues and opportunities in historic urban contexts
    • Sustainability and ‘green’ matters, in urban areas and fabric
    • Urban design: Case studies and consideration
  • IHBC School ‘Spotlights’ highlight the IHBC’s role as ‘player’ as well as ‘platform’, and include the launch of relevant new Research Notes and Guidance Notes from the IHBC’s ToolBox, potentially encompassing:
  • Funding opportunities
  • Design sources
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Carbon management and cultural significance
  • IHBC’s Aberdeen School, 2021

IHBC’s Brighton 2020 writes:

Billions of pounds are being invested today to support towns – old and new – as well as their surrounding regions.  Most of that money comes from the UK’s cultural, business and community purses, but often is tied to separate, even contradictory outcomes.

At the same time core heritage funds are more constrained than ever, and the pressures on our making locally valued places sustainable can put those places most at risk.

What can be done by those who care, shape and advise on such places to make our towns succeed in the future?

Built and historic environment practitioners and advisers, community leaders, policy makers, investors and funders need to work in unison if we are to make the most of any opportunities.

The IHBC’s 2020 Brighton School and conference takes a timely and forensic look at how the planning, heritage and related sectors can make the most of the opportunities on offer, help players learn from colleagues and others, and broaden understanding of the drivers, barriers and responses.

This unique learning opportunity from the IHBC – in Brighton, from 18-20 June 2020 – will ensure that practitioners can uncover new solutions to some surprisingly historic challenges.

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