HE’s ‘21 Fascinating Places Listed in 2019’: NHLE sees 500+ places added in 2019

Over 500 historic places have been added to the National Heritage List for England (NHLE) in 2019 and Historic England (HE) has picked 21 highlights that have gained protection or been upgraded.

image: HE website entitled: Inside the former Chemist Shop, 59 – 59A High Street, Lowestoft, Suffolk © Historic England DP232183 | Grade II listed

Historic England writes:

‘From a Tudor playhouse and First World War training trenches to shipwrecks and a Monty Python set, England is home to many historic, iconic, and sometimes quirky sites. Protecting our heritage is of huge importance so future generations can better understand all the things that have made this nation great. I’m delighted that such a diverse range of important and interesting places were protected by Historic England in 2019’, [said] Helen Whately, Heritage Minister

‘A fascinating range of historic buildings and sites are added to the List each year, and 2019 is no exception. A kinetic water sculpture, a 19th century nursemaids’ tunnel and an Elizabethan playhouse are among the quirkier places to receive protection this year. By celebrating the extraordinary historic places which surround us, above and below ground, we hope to inspire in people a greater interest in our shared heritage, and a commitment to pass it on’, [said] Duncan Wilson Chief Executive of Historic England.

New listings in 2019

  • Listing – 513
  • Scheduled Monuments – 37
  • Parks and Gardens – 2
  • Protected Wrecks – 1*
  • TOTAL: 553

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