New Towns, New Year Quiz: Answers

The last edition of IHBC Newsblogs saw a slightly fiendish (if lighthearted) quiz on new towns, to celebrate the coming of a new decade and the latest issue of Context, No 162, themed around New Towns, while below are the answers so you can see how you got on! 

  1. What is a common name used in Scotland to describe towns? (Burgh)
  2. The German weekly Der Freitag once published an article by Wolfgang Kil about the struggling new town under the heading ‘the difficult monument’ true or false? (true)
  3. Ji?. Kroha (architect of post-war Czechoslovak new town Nov. Dubnica) is said to have been influenced by which Welsh social reformist, who himself designed a mill town which is now a wold heritage site? (Robert Owen)
  4. Which European country has a certification scheme called VPAH which is designed to increase awareness of the cultural and architectural importance of new towns? (France)
  5. Ebenezer Howard’s “To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform” was published in 1898, but what was its later title republished as? (Garden Cities of To-Morrow)
  6. How many new towns are there in England? (21)
  7. Which UK new town was named the world’s first sculpture town? (Harlow)
  8. ‘Pooleyville was the original working name for which UK new town? (Milton Keynes)

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