Report on ‘Community ownership in Scotland: 2018’ now out

The annual publication showing the extent of community ownership in Scotland has been published.

The Scottish Government writes:

There were 593 assets in community ownership as at December 2018. This is an increase of 37 (7%) from 556 in 2017. All but two of the assets in community ownership are land and/or buildings. The Highland and Argyll and Bute local authorities together contain 226 assets, 38% of all assets in community ownership.

The 593 assets were owned by 429 community groups and covered an area of 209,810 hectares.

There is increased focus on community ownership in Scotland. The Scottish Government asked the Scottish Land Commission (SLC) to review existing community right to buy mechanisms and recommend how best to enable community ownership.

One of the recommendations of the SLC was to move away from the million acre target. As a result a new National Indicator on community ownership has been developed and is now included in the National Performance Framework.

The move away from the million acre target has been reflected in content and the presentation of data in this publication.

The steady upward trend in community owned assets increased around 2000….

Where the transfer date is unknown the year 1990 was assigned. Including any cases where the transfer date was 1990 or earlier, this accounts for 7% of the assets in community ownership as at December 2018.

The number of assets in community ownership in 2018 was 593, 37 (7%) higher than for 2017.

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