IHBC joins Heritage Declares – Encourages members & partners to follow suit!

Following the IHBC’s Policy Committee scrutiny of the commitments by members of Heritage Declares – the non-affiliated group urging the sector to react more quickly and effectively to the climate and ecological emergency – our Board has unanimously agreed to support and sign up to the initiative, while encouraging members and partner interests to follow suit.

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘We are delighted to be able to offer the highest level endorsement to the Heritage Declares initiative, and add our weight to its objectives.  At the same time we would also encourage our members and partner interests to join up and declare support this important position statement for the sector.’

IHBC Policy Secretary Roy Lewis said: ‘Following a request from trustees, the IHBC’s Policy Committee looked very closely at the text of the commitments by members of Heritage Declares.  We were able to fully endorse the statement and enthusiastically recommend that the IHBC sign up to the declaration.’

‘The text has been carefully drafted by experienced practitioners who fully appreciate the nature of built heritage conservation.  It includes a provision that adaptations to reduce carbon footprint should be conceived so as not to harm cultural significance, which to my mind is critical.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We are also delighted to note that our joining has been anticipated by so many members of our HESPR listing of quality assured conservation practices, including Donald Insall Associates, Purcell and The Regeneration Practice.’

IHBC Policy Committee member and AMS Director Lucie Carayon said on behalf of the Group: ‘Heritage Declares is a non-affiliated group of heritage practitioners who have come together to urge the sector to react more quickly to the climate emergency. The Group also believes that heritage has much to offer a more sustainable world.’

‘So we are thrilled that the IHBC has had the boldness and vision to sign the Declaration and hope that its members will follow suit.’

‘As custodians of our built heritage, conservation professionals must play a leading role in ensuring that the historic environment is at the heart of a zero carbon future, helping to transform of our towns, cities and landscapes in a way that also respects their cultural significance.’

Organisations already signed up include:

  • 5th Studio
  • Avalon Planning & Heritage
  • Bengali East End Heritage Society
  • Bury St Edmunds Town Trust
  • Cliveden Conservation
  • Cultura Trust
  • CRL Restoration
  • Donald Insall Associates
  • Ecotecture Ecological Design Ltd
  • Europa Nostra UK
  • Giles Quarme & Associates
  • Grigoriou Interiors Limited
  • Icon
  • Janice Gooch Heritage Consultancy
  • Julie Godefroy Sustainability
  • Map of Essex 1777
  • Marcus Beale Architects
  • Purcell
  • The Regeneration Practice
  • Rescue, the British Archaeological Trust

For more background see the NewsBlog

Find out more and sign up at heritagedeclares.org

See more on HESPR and how to join at hespr.ihbc.org.uk

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