Looking ahead to #IHBCBrighton2020 and ‘OLD TOWNS : NEW FUTURES’? UK live venues interactive map indicates alarming loss rate…

An interactive map of small music venues indicates an alarming rate of loss of venues in recent years, an issue that may form a thread in the ‘Experience’ theme of the institute’s Brighton School, on 18-20 June 2020 – when we will explore ‘OLD TOWNS : NEW FUTURES’ with more than 20 CPD hours on offer as well as career benefits and more.

Insure4music writes:

Playing live at a small music venue is a rite of passage for any aspiring artist. Small music venues create the most incredible atmospheres, intimate vibes and interesting stories. If you want to discover the best small music venues in your area, you’re in the right place.

From the outside, some of them may seem like just another bar, meeting place or public building. But to passionate musicians and gig-goers, they mean so much more. Within the four walls of these venues, crowds are inspired and great music comes to life.

Sadly, we’ve lost many venues at a pretty alarming rate in recent years. This is due to a number of factors, including noise complaints, property development and complicated licensing restrictions. However, we as a country need to do everything we can to continue supporting these venues.

After all, small music venues don’t just matter to the people who play in them, or the people who visit them. They matter to the economy, through the millions of pounds in revenue and thousands of jobs they generate. They matter to Paul McCartney, who publicly backed a Parliament bill to prevent live venues like these from closure. Ultimately, they matter to our country’s cultural identity.

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