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IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘As part of the usual wide spectrum of roles on our Jobs etc. service, we are currently carrying posts in across the sector that map skills needs to the IHBC Areas of Competence.

In the public sector we can see Bassetlaw’s Conservation Officer (2 posts, including one temporary),as well as those at Sevenoaks (a senior post), Dudley, and at the New Forest, all representing these broad-ranging skills sets very well.  More generic private sectorHeritage Consultant’ roles, leaning towards a heritage management focus rather than core conservation practice as such, are represented by posts at Simpson & Brown and at Place Services – Essex County Council and Locus Consulting (Senior and Junior posts).  Aspects of these tie to the Areas of Competence in a more specific ways, notably around our Professional, Evaluation and Management Areas of Competence.

Posts more formally rooted in specific aspects of conservation, with more focus on specific conservation skills sets, include those at The Royal Household, which seeks a Building Conservation Manager (and so a building conservation specialism); at AOC Archaeology, for a Buildings Archaeologist  (and so boasts a building investigation focus), and at the Diocese of Gloucester, where the Senior Church Buildings Officer would likely be expected to be able to demonstrate a special ecclesiastical interest in conservation matters.

Ranging more broadly, but still representing specific skills and specialism within the IHBC’s over-arching Areas of Competence, Historic England’s Head of Planning Strategy would be expected to have particular skills focussed on spatial and urban issues – and  so mapping  to our own Conservation Professional Practice Principles guidance – while Hartlepool’s Townscape Heritage Project Officer role and West Lindsey’s Townscape Heritage Projects Officer & Conservation Officer (possible job share or combination) would need substantial community engagement and project management competences.’

‘Of course any and all roles would benefit from built and historic environment accreditation that aligns with the international conservation  standards, notably that provided by the IHBC.’ 

In summary, recent posts include those below (all with different application dates, some closed and with links inactive):

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