THA writes to MPS etc with 2019 Heritage Manifesto

The Heritage Alliance (THA) has written to all MPs and key decision-makers with our new 2019 Heritage Manifesto, produced in advance of the election on 12 December, and asks stakeholders to use its Manifesto and support their messages.

THA writes in it’s Manifesto:

Our heritage is one of our greatest national assets, from our rich architectural tradition to our ancient and distinctive landscapes, from exquisite objects, archaeological sites and historic vehicles to stunning religious buildings, museums and preserved ships. It creates vibrant places and defines our towns, cities, countryside, and coasts, encouraging inbound tourism, uniting communities and enhancing our nation’s soft power internationally. It tells our stories as a nation, supporting social cohesion, rootedness and identity. Heritage drives beneficial change, contributing to our well-being, enhancing biodiversity and supporting long-term environmental sustainability. Our historic buildings, landscapes, traditions, historic transport, and museums are part of our unique offer on the national and international stage and should play a central role in the promotion of the UK.

Download the Manifesto and follow at #heritagemanifesto2019

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