IHBC congratulates Climate Heritage Network on Edinburgh’s global launch, with IHBC’s updated ToolBox Guidance Note on ‘Retrofitting… Traditional Buildings’… part of a ‘major contribution’

The IHBC supported the recent and highly successful launch of the Climate Heritage Network (CHN) at Edinburgh Castle, hosted by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and led by ICOMOS, included a presentation by author and IHBC Technical Panel lead John Edwards on the updated IHBC Toolbox Guidance Note on ‘Retrofitting of Traditional Buildings’, a ‘major contribution’ to the debate.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC is delighted to have been  able to help in the launch of this ‘mission critical’ initiative for heritage and humanity, albeit in our own small way.’

‘As well supporting and hosting an IHBC stand on the day – led by our Professional Support Officer Michael Netter – we were able to support John Edwards’ evening presentation on his updated Toolbox Guidance Note on Retrofitting of Traditional Buildings document considered by many to be a major contribution to the debate.’

Technical panel lead John Edwards said: ‘We understand that climate change is the biggest issue ever.  Though it will take more than making buildings more energy efficient to address it, our contribution to this launch was to illustrate the IHBC’s holistic approach to energy efficient building retrofit.’

‘This is a conscious response to some of the more blinkered approaches to the retrofitting of buildings, remembering that we all have a responsibility to promote good practice, and should take every opportunity to do so.’

‘Later this month I will be in Austria delivering a workshop to representatives of many parts of Europe, and it will be focused on the IHBC guidance on retrofitting traditional buildings.  Let’s hope it helps make a difference; it has to!’

Michael Netter said: ‘It was a real pleasure for IHBC to exhibit at the CHN Global Launch in Edinburgh, helping contribute to the mobilisation of the heritage sector in the response to climate  change.’

‘As IHBC members know, it is important that all responses are appropriate and sympathetic, and contributing both to the initial launch as well as follow-up actions will enable the IHBC to lead in the formation and promulgation of these responses.’

CHN writes:

A key outcome of the program will be the launch of the new Climate Heritage Network, a voluntary, mutual support network of local and city, state/provincial and regional, indigenous and tribal, and national arts, culture and heritage governmental and quasi-governmental boards, offices, ministries and site management agencies as well as NGOs, universities, businesses and other organizations committed to aiding their jurisdictions in tackling climate change and achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.  Interested parties may join the CHN by signing or endorsing the Climate Heritage Network Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

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