IHBC’s Past President David Lovie receives AHI Award on behalf of local civic group for IHBC-supported ‘Some Alnwick Heritage Heroes’

Representing Alnwick Civic Society’s success as runner for their IHBC supported ‘Some Alnwick Heritage Heroes’ publication in the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI) Awards, IHBC Past President David Lovie recently received the award from Loyd Grossman. 

image: Left to right – Bill Bevan (Chair of Judges), Sponsor Rep., IHBC PP David Lovie, Sponsor Rep., Loyd Grossman

IHBC Past President David Lovie said: ‘This award recognizes not just Alnwick Civic Society’s publication efforts but also the generous grant support the Project received from our funders who made it all possible.  We are especially proud to have received grant aid from the IHBC, conservation’s national professional body.  Most grateful in deed!’

AHI writes:

The biennial AHI Awards scheme recognises and rewards the best practice in heritage interpretation across the UK and Ireland, and are the only awards to recognise excellence in all types and sizes of heritage interpretation, whether held in museums, historic buildings, visitor centres or any type of outdoor location. The awards…

  • celebrate heritage interpretation in all its forms
  • are a prestigious badge of recognition for winning and shortlisted entries
  • share, encourage and showcase good interpretive practice and the organisations responsible for it
  • publicise good interpretive practice and the organisations responsible for it through the media
  • provide interpretive evaluation to shortlisted entrants


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