Creative Heritage Consultants welcomed to the IHBC ‘HESPR’ register, listing ‘service providers working to the IHBC’s standards’

Creative Heritage Consultants has become the latest company to be included under the IHBC’s conservation service HESPR listing (, with Kate Dickson IHBC as Director and formal HESPR link, to join more than 40 heritage businesses in quality assurance, benefits and support services across the IHBC’s commercial conservation network.

Creative Heritage Consultants offer a range of services to assist those with responsibilities for heritage assets, especially buildings at risk. They seek to help clients turn liabilities into assets through heritage-led regeneration, creative re-use and constructive partnerships.

Director and HESPR DSA for Creative Heritage Consultants Kate Dickson explained why the practice has sought Historic Environment Service Provider Recognition (HESPR): ‘Working across all sectors, we believe that a listing in the HESPR register will give us credibility in the eyes of local authorities looking for accredited practices, will enable voluntary sector clients to show their funders that they have procured the right expertise for their project and enable potential private sector clients to find us in the first place.’

Quality assurance for HESPR listing is controlled through the employment a Full IHBC member – the ‘Designated Service Adviser’ (DSA) – in a role that allows them to take professional responsibility for the service standards offered to clients.  This means that the IHBC can respond to the complex diversity of disciplines and practice areas offered by our HESPR-listed practices and businesses, as we ensure that our members are in a reasonable position to offer their assurance of the quality of the conservation services.  As such the DSA should be the first ‘port of call’ for any concerns over work carried out by a HESPR company. You can find the ‘Designated Service Adviser’ (DSA) listed on the dedicated HESPR business web page and on the list of accredited practitioners linked from the IHBC’s Home Page.’

HESPR membership benefits include:

  • HESPR web pages and search facility on the IHBC’s HESPR website
  • National and local recognition of conservation and heritage service quality assurance and standards
  • Weekly bulletins of work and notices – often posting more than £500k of costed work per issue.  Our weekly Bulletin of current tender notifications to HESPR members is an innovative service that supports commercial conservation businesses that work to the IHBC’s standards and expectations.  The weekly selections offer the wider heritage world a regular insight into the conservation profession that we hope combine good news, sector profile and service inspiration all in one.
  • Profile and outreach opportunities through HESPR member across IHBC’s network, including IHBC’s Home Page member logo feature and our Yearbook
  • Free IHBC ‘Jobs etc.’ posting each year, worth up to £450.

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