IHBC supports new Climate Heritage Network launch: Edinburgh 24-25/10

websiteIHBC to Exhibit and Present at the upcoming Climate Heritage Network Launch Event in Edinburgh 24-25 October.

IHBC Policy Secretary Roy Lewis said: ‘I’m very pleased that IHBC is taking a lead on mobilising the heritage sector on this hugely important issue.  Heritage conservation should be seen as part of the solution, not part of the problem.’

‘Historic places often provide a model for sustainable living.  Whilst there can be scope to improve things like the thermal performance of individual buildings, re-using historic buildings and regenerating historic places are inherently sustainable activities.’

IHBC Technical Panel Lead John Edwards, who will be presenting at the Launch Event, said: ‘We can attempt to tackle climate change in a number of ways and one of these will be to make existing buildings more energy efficient and that’s what my presentation will be about. The focus will be the recently published IHBC guidance on retrofitting traditional and historic buildings.’

‘The IHBC guidance is based on BS7913 and takes an holistic approach which means that it isn’t just about retrofit and it also means dealing with heritage values including heritage impact assessments.’

The Climate Heritage Network (CHN) Global Launch is a two-day program (Thursday 24th to Friday 25th October 2019) in Edinburgh, Scotland devoted to urgently mobilizing the cultural heritage sector for climate action across the globe.  A key outcome of the October 24 event will be the launch of the new Climate Heritage Network, a mutual support network of city, state/provincial, regional, national and tribal historic preservation offices (together with related NGOs, universities and other organizations) committed to aiding their jurisdictions in tackling climate change.

The Launch Event will embody a heritage conversation about climate change and a climate change conversation about heritage, emphasizing the work of cities, states, regions and nations at the intersection of climate action and cultural heritage.

If you would like to learn more about the CHN, access the website or follow along on Twitter #ClimateHeritage and #ClimateHeritageLaunch or email the IHBC Professional Services Officer Michael Netter at services@ihbc.org.uk.

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