IHBC’s newest Context now out from #IHBCNottingham2019 + Past Chair’s new feature, ‘Inter alia’, Student Award-winning project in Kent, and more

publication coverThe latest issue of the IHBC’s membership journal Context is now out,  exploring and reviewing our 2019 Annual School in Nottingham, on ‘Heritage Risk and Resilience’, while this issue also offers authoritative and accessible takes on stand-alone issues such as skills for retro-fit, a new feature regular from our past Chair ‘Inter alia’ as well as a Gus Astley Student Award post from 2018.

As with each issue of Context also, this number also carries the usual regular features such as book reviews, officers’ reports and much more.

For a tantalising taste of the issue, articles, introduced by the ’What we learned in Nottingham’ feature, include:


  • Thursday tours
  • Friday day school sessions:
    • Fire, including
      • Fire and emergency
      • Reconstructing the Mackintosh
    • Structural failure and heritage at risk, including
      • The art of the possible
      • Getting close to Victoria Mills
      • Heritage at risk: who cares?
      • Spotlight talks
    • Security, digital technology and legal issues, including
      • The crime and terrorism risk
      • Digital against disaster
      • The legal consequences of destroying heritage assets
      • Heritage assets in disrepair: the legal powers
    • Flooding, including
      • Flood risk and resilience
      • Flooding: recovery and improvement
      • Phoenix at Stoke Rochford Hall
    • Saturday tours
    • IHBC Marsh and Gus Astley Student Awards

Special features for the issue include:

  • The iron roof at the Albert Dock, Anthony Clarke
  • New standard for retrofitting UK homes, John Edwards
  • War memorials: sacrifice and remembrance, Jeremy Prescott
  • A note on Matthew Orme’s University of Kent project ‘Patere: a secular ritual; Kentish patent office and archive’, which received a  Gus Astley Student Award commendation in 2018.

Regular and occasional features include:

  • Notes from the chair (now David McDonald)
  • Director’s cut
  • New member profile – Sophie Cattier
  • Book reviews
  • Vox pop, Ramona Usher, IHBC’s new consultant Professional Development (PD) Officer
  • Inter alia, James Caird

Context’s ‘Products and services’ listing concludes the issue, followed by an index to Advertisers.

Reading Context helps IHBC members develop their skills across all of the IHBC Competences and Areas of Competence, and so is a critical baseline in addressing priorities in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

To access this issue of Context:

  • IHBC Members: See your postbox, if you don’t already have it by your desk or bed
  • Non-members: Go to the Context Archive

As ever, themed issues of Context also include more general conservation articles as well as news and reports from IHBC’s officers.

If you have any suggestions for Context articles or other material contact Mike Taylor at: editorial@ihbc.org.uk

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