Serious about your career? Stay ‘in the know’ with IHBC’s ‘Jobs etc’ review: Posts from Estates Compliance and DAC Assistants to building inspectors, surveyors and more!

Helping conservation careers and heritage employers across the UK, the IHBC regularly updates NewsBlog readers about the diverse career opportunities posted on our IHBC Jobs etc service, and recent offerings extend from Estates Compliance Manager (HES) to Arup’s Senior Built Heritage specialist – with a salary commensurate with the role’s specifications – and an early career church-linked post, so sign up for free alerts today to stay ‘in the know’ on IHBC’s Jobs etc.!

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC Jobs etc service continues to register the firm demand from employers – regulators as well as wider public, private and charity operations – for posts that seek the full spectrum of conservation and heritage-related skills aligned with IHBC membership and accreditation.’

‘Conservation skills that map to the IHBC’s core accreditation standards – with our unique ties to established national and international interdisciplinary conservation skills specifications – usually loom large across our jobs adverts. This round continues that trend!’

‘Significantly, and very welcome too in terms of the wide scope of the IHBC’s Jobs etc service, the diversity of recent posts is striking. And they all still reflect pretty much the full breadth of the services and sectors with which the IHBC engages.  Of course all employers inevitably are looking to the IHBC’s interdisciplinary heritage network to secure those skills and practice standards, if at first often mainly through simply posting the adverts with us because of the great value and the quality of our service.’

logo‘In terms of practice areas tied to the IHBC’s Areas of Competence, we can see the core ‘Management’ area – and the associated priorities in the caring of our heritage – reflected in Historic Environment Scotland’s Estates Compliance Manager and the Broads Authority’s Historic Environment Manager as well as, perhaps, the English Heritage post of Senior National Project Manager.  More  directed towards the Evaluation Area of Competence – and the valuing and understanding our heritage resources –  is Historic England’s Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas. The Landmark Trust’s ‘Regional Building Surveyor, The City of London Corporation’s ‘Planning Officer – Design’, and Cowdray Estate’s Building Surveyor all veer towards the Intervention Area of Competence, where considerations of change and improvement take more of a lead.’

‘At these senior levels of course, all these roles would best satisfy conservations standards when the post-holder has the full range of interdisciplinary conservation skills so emphatically recognised in the IHBC’s conservation accreditation and quality assurance.’

‘Overarching – and more obviously requiring interdisciplinary competences – skills sets that reach across the full breadth of the IHBC’s Areas of Competence relate to those roles more closely associated historically with the model of the Local Authority Conservation Officer.  These include Enfield Council’s Heritage and Conservation Advisor; and Lambeth’s Conservation Officer; Arup’s Senior Built Heritage specialist, Telford & Wrekin Council’s Built Heritage Specialist and Heritage Consultant roles of various sorts with Fuller Long Limited and Place Services.’

‘For early career opportunities, that could offer also an invaluable grounding across all the IHBC’s Areas of Competence, aspiring IHBC accredited members might well look to the Diocese of Salisbury’s role of DAC Assistant Officer.’

‘Clearly employers from all heritage-related areas see the IHBC’s Jobs etc service as a fast and easy way to recruit the people they need.  Significantly, availing of the service also offers wider comfort to employers, trustees and directors as they take on new staff, and all the obligations associated with the role of employer.  This is because the IHBC’s Jobs etc service is a specialist, open, transparent and inclusive recruitment platform, and so they can be sure that any final decisions will be as robust as possible.’

In summary, recent posts include those below (all with different application dates, some closed and with links inactive):

The IHBC Jobs etc service reaches a uniquely diverse heritage network of practitioners and advisers from different specialist backgrounds, including architects, planners, engineers, archaeologists, historians, builders, contractors, academics and many more!

IHBC Jobs etc offers advertisers:

  • Special reductions for posts specifying skills in conservation (10%) and heritage (5%)
  • Additional reductions for charities (25%)
  • Even more reductions for bulk sales (just ask!)
  • Free cross-promotion in IHBC’s HESPR ‘Weekly News and tender Alert’, where relevant
  • Jobs etc. postsfeature regularly on the ever popular IHBC NewsBlogs
  • Circulation data feedback as standard.

flyerIHBC Jobs etc offers:

  • 2000 specialist and personal contact network (IHBC members and non-members) by individual email
  • Feature page, illustration and summary on theIHBC Jobs etcwebsite
  • IHBC website homepage scroll (c.300,000 page visits/month)
  • IHBC’s social networks (c.18,000 core users; c.27,000 extended links)

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