IHBC joins Fit for the Future, seeking mutual benefits from tighter links with a key environmental sustainability network

The IHBC has embarked on a 3-month trial membership of Fit for the Future, joining over 100 heritage organisations, venues and more in knowledge-sharing and collaborating on environmental sustainability, encompassing critical areas for conservation professionals that range from strategic asset management to technical skills and procurement.

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘I am delighted to be able to support the IHBC joining Fit for the Future. This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with others to show that building conservation is part of the answer to climate change rather than an impediment to a sustainable future.’

IHBC’s Professional Services Officer Michael Netter said: ‘We are very excited for this opportunity to join the Fit for the Future network, where we can share our knowledge and methodologies of the care of the historic built environment.  At the same time we’ll learn from those guardians of the built environment of the needs, desires, and challenges of becoming more environmentally sustainable.’

Fit for the Future has evolved from 2012 to ‘connect the hundreds of environmental practitioners from within our member organisations so they can share best practice and practical solutions.’

Literature useful for IHBC members is also available, including two recent examples:

If you would like to learn more about Fit for the Future, or have any questions or comments on our joining the network, email IHBC’s Professional Services Officer Michael Netter at services@ihbc.org.uk.

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