IHBC’s Twitter followers pass 10.5k… and why this is good news for everyone!

IHBC’s Twitter account, @IHBCtweet, has passed 10,500 followers, which offers more great news on the strength and breadth of our network and one success of the services we offer to members and the sector!

IHBC’s Services Officer Michael Netter said: ‘Twitter is an excellent way  to keep our network of members and users up to speed on news and other updates.  It’s accessible, flexible, and free!

‘We have several websites that are updated regularly, from our NewsBlogs and Jobs etc. services, to our Events Calendar, Calls for Papers and Awards etc.  These are all essential resources for members, and invaluable for knowing what’s happening across our wider network.  And as anyone can ask for their content to be posted, and for free, it’s all as accessible as we can make it!’

‘But given the volume of news we offer, email alerts would be unwieldy, so @IHBCtweet lets users see new information as ‘snippet’ updates.  If interested, clicking the links to the originals will give the detail – just like our NewsBlog email alerts, but with lots more breadth.’

‘For example, our @IHBCtweet is the best place to stay informed of the latest information around the IHBC Annual Schools.  Just search in Twitter for #IHBCNottingham2019 to see a feed from this year’s Annual School, or #IHBCBrighton2020 for next year, though it’s still early days there!’

‘And if you haven’t already tried this service, do join and follow us on @IHBCtweet to stay tuned to our alerts.’

See  Branch Guidance for Social Media and other local volunteer operations

If you want to develop more specialist skills in Social Media, or simply for CPD, see also Alison McCandlish’s article in the 2015 Yearbook on … Social media for the conservation professional

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