IHBC’s ‘CPD boost’, out of Context and from ‘Building Services’: Lighting standards, World Heritage, and Bath

lantern and buildingThe city of Bath is well known for its stunning architecture and beautiful stone, but few might consider the everyday details like lighting, and the skills taken to maintain and restore such features, so Rhys Brookes invites us to examine these details in the article on ‘Historic Lighting in Bath’s public realm’ from our recent themed Context on Building Services, considering in particular the lanterns and overthrows of Great Pultney Street.

image: Context 159 p26 Rhys Brookes

Brookes notes that the work involved great attention to detail, necessitating highly specialist manufacturing methods in that “a very ancient method of working metal, dating back to Egyptian times, involving pressing a spinning metal disk onto the pattern using metal levers and rollers”.

There are some fascinating architectural drawings, and images of the works in progress within this article.

Stimulating CPD queries linked to the article might include:

  • Are any restoration or replacement works due to take place within your local area?
  • As the detail really is important, why not spend some time considering how you might assemble the required team of trades to enable a successful programme of works?
  • And what is the most appropriate course of action according to the conservation ethos which is required?

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