PAS – Scotland’s planning advisory and citizenship service – asks for ‘Help to make a ‘zine’ about place!’, revised closing: 30/09

graphicPAS – Scotland’s planning advisory and citizenship service – seeks submissions to ‘Help to make a ‘zine’ about place!’, with a revised closing date of 30/09.

Consultant Alison McCandlish IHBC said: ‘Zines are creative magazines, hope to get a mixture of artistic things, collage, essay/ poems etc (the blog and video says more). Just a different way of engaging people in a topic.’

‘Now, I and a colleague from PAS are creating a ‘zine’ about involving young people in place – and planning – and have issued a call for entries.

It’s open to anyone to enter (globally).. and I really hope some IHBC folk might put something in’.

‘To help, email your submission to

PAS writes:

We are creating a town planning zine, under the title “An unofficial guide to involving young people in their place”.  We are seeking submission from our volunteers, young people and those with an interest in involving young people in community development, heritage and environmental issues, place plans and town planning generally on the theme of “Future

Places”.  A zine is a DIY magazine, with a creative aesthetic, designed to get people thinking about issues and promote discussion and awareness, but in an informal and creative way.

Would you like to be involved?  If so, please make and design an A5 size page as a creative response to the theme of “future places”.. this could be in the form of poetry, essay, code, imagined landscape, flash fiction, app outline, recipe, toolkit, case study, comic, drawing, playlist.. the only limit is the A5 page and your imagination.

Submission guide:

  • One Jpeg, PDF or word file showing your A5 page
  • Name (as you wish it to appear)
  • Contact email (will not be published)
  • Social media contact (if you wish this to be published)

Submissions can be anonymous, but we need an email address to inform you of publication details.  Anyone can submit, submissions from outside Scotland are also welcome (so if you have a friend or colleague who works in planning elsewhere in the world, do get them to submit!).

No fee is offered for this work, submissions are voluntary.  Works will be published online, and in a limited edition print run in September 2019.  All work will be under a Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

We look forward to publishing your amazing ideas and promoting a creative discussion about young people influencing their local environment!

The deadline for submissions is [REVISED TO 30] September 2019.

Find out more by contacting Erin Fulton or Alison McCandlish

Please email your submission to

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