Scottish Landscape Character Types – map and descriptions facility from SNH

websiteScottish Natural Heritage (SNH) offers users a national digital map-based facility to help explore Scotland’s Landscape Character Types to assis in Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) – the process of identifying and describing variation in character of the landscape.

Scottish Natural Heritage writes:

Scotland has a digital map-based national LCA (published in 2019). This shows Landscape Character Types (LCTs) – i.e. areas of consistent and recognisable landscape character. To find out more about how the map and descriptions were produced see our Landscape Character Assessment in Scotland web page.

Each polygon on the map below is a Landscape Character Type, from which you can access a printable pdf of the LCT description. You can zoom in to see specific areas in more detail, or search the map by place name or LCT name….

Read more… and view the map

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