IHBC’s new Guidance Notes launched at Nottingham’s 2019 School Spotlights: on ‘Retrofitting’ and on climate change ‘Sources’… and now also on School video!

websiteThe IHBC has launched two new Guidance Notes, on Retrofitting of Traditional Buildings and Climate Change and Older Buildings – Key Sources, as one of the three ‘IHBC Spotlight’ sessions at the 2019 Annual School in Nottingham.

The Guidance Note launches were preceded by a School ‘Spotlight’ video session on the IHBC’s ToolBox resources, introduced by IHBC Policy Committee Chair Roy Lewis, which will be reported in a future NewsBlog.

John Edwards, IHBC Technical Panel Chair and lead author on the Retrofitting of Traditional Buildings Note said: ‘Buildings are and will continue to be under pressure to be made more energy efficient and whilst this is sensible, experience to date suggests that risks of unintended consequences are common.

‘This guidance intends to provide an outline on the most appropriate approach, which is a holistic one. It also provides comment on competencies and new publications by the British Standards Institution (BSI) on retrofit.

‘This guidance includes the processes that individuals need to adopt when making buildings more energy efficient.  That doesn’t just mean retrofit itself, but also other considerations that include everything from the very technical issues involved in surveying buildings in the first place to heritage values and heritage impact assessments.

‘Most importantly it emphasises the need to have professionally qualified individuals participating in this process.’

John Preston, STBA joint Heritage Chair and lead author on the Climate Change and Older Buildings – Key Sources Note said: ‘This Note on ‘Key Sources’ provides web-based links to help IHBC members with these issues. It starts with key information and advice on adaptation and mitigation; it highlights issues; and summarises Climate Change challenges affecting historic and traditional buildings.

‘Please do read also the companion IHBC Guidance Note on Retrofitting of Traditional Buildings, which covers PAS 2035  and BS 7913 the key standards for conservation and retrofit of traditional buildings.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘IHBC Guidance Notes are produced as part of an integrated resource offering online support for conservation practitioners, the IHBC’s ‘Toolbox’.

‘Our Toolbox has been developed to help inform, advise and guide anyone with specialist interests in built and historic environment conservation.  Already it offers a wide range of basic resources – the ‘tools’ in the toolbox – from primary research and guidance produced by or on behalf of the IHBC, all in line with technical, academic and practice advice and standards supported or endorsed by the Institute.’

View the video

Download the Climate Change & Older Buildings PDF

Download the Retrofitting in Traditional Buildings PDF

See all the ToolBox resources, and see more Research Notes and more Guidance  Notes in the Toolbox

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