HES online survey of ‘Our Place in Time’ (OPIT): Closes 2 August

logoHistoric Environment Scotland (HES) has commissioned an evaluation of ‘Our Place in Time – The Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland’, with an online survey now open and closing 2 August.

The survey states:

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is conducting a survey about how Scotland’s historic sites and heritage places can contribute to people’s wellbeing. Wellbeing is measured by people telling us about their health, happiness and satisfaction with life; and telling us how they interact with Scotland’s heritage and historic environment.

As part of this survey we will be asking you about your general health so we can measure the wellbeing of our members and of the wider population. This information will only be used for the purposes of the survey and not linked to membership of Historic Scotland in any way.

We will also be asking how you engage with historic sites and heritage places generally and specifically with HES. This will allow us to understand the contribution that heritage and HES makes to wellbeing. The survey findings will be used by HES to understand how people benefit from Scotland’s heritage, and to guide the organisation’s work over the next few years.

HES have a legitimate interest in collecting this data. As the lead public body for the Historic Environment in Scotland, HES are required to demonstrate the contribution heritage makes to wellbeing. Our Corporate Plan 2019 onwards, Heritage for All, aims to show how heritage contributes to wellbeing and to the Scottish Government’s purpose.

Read more and complete the survey….

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